There’s More Than Meets the Eye with ‘Sanpaku’ Creator Kate Gavino

If you grew up in a Japanese or Chinese household, the idea of ‘Sanpaku’ sounds really familiar. If you or a member of your family had ‘sanpaku eyes,’ which directly translate in Japanese to “three whites,” it means your eyes have white space above or below the iris is visible. In my household, as in many very traditional Asian households, to have sanpaku would mean you’d be cursed or carry around some bad luck. Only trinkets from the Buddhist temple, or whatever religion the family believes in, would protect those who had sanpaku eyes. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones in my family to not be “cursed” with sanpaku eyes.

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Exclusive Preview of ‘Sanpaku’ from BOOM! Studios

All week, BOOM! Studios has been conducting a spotlight on the powerful original graphic novel releases from its award-winning imprint Archaia. And we are proud to contribute to the Archaia Summer Reading series with this extended first look at Sanpaku.

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