Southern Fried Asian: Kate Gavino

Southern Fried Asian is back from hiatus with a brand new episode featuring cartoonist Kate Gavino, whose new book Sanpaku is in stores now!

Kate discusses her inspiration for creating Sanpaku (2:00) and her contribution to New Frontiers which was also a story about her grandmother (3:00). They also discuss what it feels like to see aspects of Asian culture go mainstream (5:00) and the origins of the concept of sanpaku (6:00). Kate also explains why Houston is the best city in Texas (9:00) — except for the traffic (14:00) — and what is was like growing up Filipino (16:00)! Then, they try to figure out the conundrum of being caught between whiteness and blackness and the quest for authenticity (18:00). Later, Kate reveals what inspired her to be a cartoonist (23:30) and how she came to create her first book Last Night’s Reading (25:00), being approached to contribute to the New Frontiers anthology (28:00), and working with Boom! Studios (29:30). Finally, she shares why Filipino Texas Thanksgivings are the best (33:00).

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