NOC Exclusive Clip: Rita Moreno Helps Emily Kinney Follow Her Heart in ‘Santa Bootcamp’

As part of Lifetime’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime,” Emily Kinney, Patrick Cassidy, and Rita Moreno are bringing audiences the magic of Christmas in Santa Bootcamp, which marks Melissa Joan Hart’s fourth Lifetime movie as a director. The holiday film premieres Saturday, November 19 at 8/7c, but before that, The Nerds of Color has an exclusive clip to share!

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SYFY Launches Insider Program

Today, SYFY is officially launching its first-ever, members-only club for sci-fi superfans: SYFY Insider. The network, known for some of the most quirky, and fan-loved genre shows, like Resident Alien, Chucky, and Wynonna Earp has decided to reward its most loyal fans with an all-new destination that offers exclusive, premium content to all Insiders.

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Karan Soni on His Unlikely ‘Deadpool’ Hero: Dopinder the Cab Driver

The much-anticipated Deadpool sequel is sure to be full  of what fans love: more action, more mutants, more pop culture references. And most importantly, more Dopinder, Deadpool’s taxi driving sidekick. Watch the opening of this trailer. It starts with Dopinder listening to his radio while Deadpool does his superhero duties. The cabby audiences saw for all of five minutes in the first Deadpool movie, who got crisp high fives instead of cold hard cash, is back. The man scorned by his lover who got his revenge, Deadpool-style, returns for a second chance to be a hero. We got a chance to talk to the actor who plays Dopinder — Karan Soni — and he gave us the inside scoop into playing Deadpool’s number one driver.

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‘Deadpool 2’ Review: Sequel is More of the Same

Sequels are extremely hard, especially when you have a completely different person in the director’s chair and the first film was a massive hit. The first Deadpool relied on Ryan Reynold’s charm, crude jokes, and kickass major fight-to-the-death scenes that earned the film’s R-rating. All of that paid off. Deadpool became the second highest grossing R-rated movie in U.S. history after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. And, if you’re wondering, yes, the sequel does mention this achievement.

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