Hard NOC Life 235: Emmys So What

Keith, Britney, and Dominic rant about who won — but more importantly, who didn’t — during the Emmy Awards last night. Then, they break down the new Hawkeye trailer and recap the latest episode of What If.

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Broadway Smash, ‘Come From Away’ is Coming to Apple TV+

Since the pandemic closed theaters, the Big Apple has been longing for the amazing allure of the Broadway lights, sights, and songs! Thankfully, Broadway is making a major comeback this fall, so fans can immerse themselves in the glory of the stage once more. But while we all await the rise of live curtains, theater geeks everywhere can at least get their fix through the magic of streaming, from the debut of Hamilton on Disney+ last year, and now once more with the upcoming premiere of Come From Away on Apple TV+.

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