Danielle Nicolet on This Season’s Final Arc of ‘The Flash’

As revealed in this week’s episode of The Flash, Deathstorm is a villain unlike any The Flash has faced before. One who can feed off of grief. And for Barry Allen, Iris West-Allen, and their allies, there’s too much of that to go around. How will they take on this new enemy?

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Danielle Nicolet Takes Center Stage on ‘The Flash’

The Flash has, since its inception, put a large focus on its supporting cast, many of whom have become part of “Team Flash,” aiding Barry Allen in his various adventures. Cecile Horton, played by the talented Danielle Nicolet, has increasingly become part of Team Flash, stepping far up from when she was on the outside looking in. In perhaps one of the most marked changes for a character on the show, it was eventually revealed that Cecile was also a metahuman, gifted with empathic powers and making her a strong asset to the team.

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