Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ to Debut Exclusively on Disney+

There was plenty of excitement surrounding Domee Shi‘s Turning Red as it would have marked the turn of a Pixar film to be released in a theater. It was also the studio’s first film to be directed by a woman. However, because of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, Turning Red will make its debut on Disney+ on March 11, 2021, instead of the traditional theatrical release like initially planned.

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Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ Promises Teenage Angst and Red Panda Transformations

Disney•Pixar has released the latest trailer for their forthcoming animated feature Turning Red. From the mind of Academy Award-winner Domee Shi, the coming-of-age film follows the teenage Mei (voice of Rosalie Chiang) who goes through a unique kind of growing pain that’s different from any other teenager. Anytime Mei exhibits a strong emotion, she turns into a giant red panda. So, think of a cuter and cuddlier version of how Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk.

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‘Turning Red’ Features Pixar’s First Asian-Led Film

Turning Red is a big deal. It’s the first time a full-length Pixar film has featured an Asian protagonist and primarily centers on Asian characters. It’s also the first Pixar film to be fully directed solo by a woman, and the first by a woman of color, with the brilliant Domee Shi, who brought us the now-classic Oscar-winning Bao. And that’s not even the half of it!

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Right Here, Right ‘Bao’

Oakland and the surrounding East Bay Area is a welcoming, casual town. The standard uniform of jeans and a hoodie is a ticket to pretty much anywhere: a Warriors game, a UC Berkeley lecture hall (as a student or even as the professor), a Michelin-star restaurant, R&B paint night at the Complex. The few exceptions are three-fold: the Piedmont School District, an available slice of sweet potato pie at Lois the Pie Queen after 10:00 AM, and Pixar Animation Studios.

I have lived in the East Bay for more than twelve years, and I have never gotten closer than peering through the iron gates while driving past to get my son to badminton practice. Until now.

To celebrate the upcoming in-home release of Bao and Incredibles 2, Pixar opened their gates to The Nerds of Color as well as other media outlets for dinner and interview opportunities with their creators.

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