NOC Recaps The Flash: Grodd + PTZD

It’s the return of Grodd! But we’re mainly dealing with the aftermath of Zoom. Not all of the destruction was physical; Barry’s spine has basically healed but the shame of losing has not yet scarred over. Well, hopefully he “gets back on his feet” soon because superhero legends need him! Let’s just think of Grodd as the big bad boss of this video game level.

I almost didn’t change the title “Gorilla Warfare,” the original was just too good.

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NOC Recaps The Flash: This Sh*t is Bananas

“Grodd Lives” is like that old school video game level before the Big Boss that you may die a couple times trying to beat, so you just turn off the game and restart the battle until you are successful. Just add the drama of your best friend/love of your life learning your biggest secret and having that person watch you as you keep taking brutal hits.

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