Details for Riot Games New 2D Fighter ‘Project L’ Revealed

This week, Riot Games’ twin brother duo, Tom and Tony Cannon, dropped in-depth details about Riot’s new, assist-based 2D fighter titled Project L. The game, set in the League of Legend world of Runeterra, looks to be another robust project coming from the renowned studio.

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‘Pokémon UNITE’ Reveals First Major Update

The Pokémon MOBA on Nintendo Switch, Pokémon UNITE, is set to receive its first and most impactful update since its release. The game’s official Twitter page tweeted yesterday that the update would be rolling out Wednesday, August 4 12AM PDT/ 7:00 UTC, with significant balancing changes at the heart of the update.

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‘Pokémon UNITE’ Official Release Date + New Roster Addition, Zeraora

The amazing new multiplayer online battle arena Pokémon UNITE has finally announced its official release date. July 21 the game will be dropping on Nintendo Switch and fans are understandably stoked for the new brawler. With over 20 Pokémon available to choose from, the announcement also came with a new roster addition, the Electric-type Mythical Pokémon Zereora.

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More ‘Pokémon UNITE’ Details + Hands-On Gameplay Footage

Pokémon UNITE, TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company’s free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena video game for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, is set to release in July and the details continue to showcase what a unique title it’s set to be. The game’s beta, released in Japan, runs from June 24 to 26 and allows players the opportunity to experiment with the game’s mechanics hands-on.

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‘Pokémon UNITE’ Finally Gets a Release Date As Nintendo Shows Off More In-Game Details

A year ago at Pokémon Presents, we got an amazing first-look at a Pokémon themed multiplayer online battle arena, Pokémon UNITE, a MOBA in the same vein as League of Legends and Smite where teams face off against each other for control of various resources over the course of a given match. In Pokémon UNITE, “players will compete in Unite Battles, where they form teams of five and compete against each other to see who can score the most points before time runs out.”

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