Details for Riot Games New 2D Fighter ‘Project L’ Revealed

This week, Riot Games’ twin brother duo, Tom and Tony Cannon, dropped in-depth details about Riot’s new, assist-based 2D fighter titled Project L. The game, set in the League of Legend world of Runeterra, looks to be another robust project coming from the renowned studio.

After dropping news of a new fighting game in the works earlier this year featuring League of Legends characters, Riot Games went radio silent for several months about it. Yesterday, the team over at Riot revealed an in-depth look at Project L, their assist-based 2D fighter that seems to draw on a handful of the most coveted fighting games in the FGC.

Credit: Riot Games/IGN

Tom and Tony Cannon went into detail about several of Project L‘s mechanics and features in the works, as they stated that the title is still in research and development and doesn’t appear to have a release window in the works.

LoL characters like Darius and Ekko were featured fighting other fan favorites, as the game’s flagship assist feature made waves for players excited for the new title from Riot. The visuals showcased looked phenomenal and highlighted the strides the studio has been making in getting the game off the ground.

Credit: Riot Games/IGN

Combo mechanics, with the inclusion of assisted attacks, seemed to pay homage to titles like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, with players able to perform wall bounce combos, off-the-ground (OTG) confirms, and mix-up opportunities for veteran fighting game players to explore.

Credit: Riot Games/IGN

While there hasn’t been an official release date announced, fans from the FGC and the LoL community have gathered in awe over the potential Project L has in bridging the gap between both groups. Viewers speculated what kind of rivalries would come about between some of the most elite FGC players and League‘s most popular content creators.

With the inclusion of another new fighting game on the horizon, Project L looks to be adding to the hype already overflowing in the FGC.