Angry Little Girls, Now in Plush Form

0810958686Lela Lee continues to take over the universe with her Angry Little Girls empire. After a conquering the worlds of comic strips, books, greeting cards, t-shirts, animation, and kitchen sinks, you’ll soon be able to find Angry Little Girls in your local toy aisles now as well (and I’m not talking about the ones throwing tantrums because Daddy said she couldn’t buy the “Equestria Girls” iteration of My Little Pony).

Yesterday, Multiverse Studio announced it had struck a deal to distribute 7-inch plush dolls of the original Angry Little Asian Girl, Kim. These dolls have been limited to a limited production run of 1,000 units, so they probably won’t last long. If you happened to be at San Diego Comic-Con, this past July, you might have seen Lela with her plush doppelgangers hanging out on the con floor.

Now’s your chance to get one for yourself. Check out the original press release after the jump.

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