LeBron James Reigns Supreme with New ‘Fortnite’ Skin

LeBron “LeFortnite” James is my favorite athlete of all time and if there’s anyone who could get me to actually re-install Fortnite and use my mother’s credit card for a new skin, it’s that dude. Epic announced today that King James is making his Fortnite debut July 14, two days ahead of the premiere of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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Nike Teams Up with Xbox For Incredible ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Collab

When LeBron James’ jersey first dropped in 2003, I dragged my father through the sweltering streets of Brooklyn to the nearest Foot Locker to buy it, alongside a headband and pair of wristbands to parade around in for the next month. I’d beg my mother to take us to the nearest Barnes & Noble with every new Slam magazine cover James appeared in, just to see if it was in stock. With Space Jam: A New Legacy on the horizon, my hopes of getting my hands on more coveted LeBron James memorabilia dwindle in the face of scalpers and buggy sneaker apps that seem to torture me incessantly.

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