In Support of the #iamcomics Campaign

by Arturo R. Garcia | Originally posted at Racialicious

The author’s submission to #IAmComics

If you’ll allow for a moment of first-person writing today, I’m happy and proud to announce that, in addition to being part of the team at The R, I was asked to be part of We Are Comics, a new campaign created by longtime comics pro editor Rachel Edidin over the weekend to spotlight the fact that comics fandom extends far, far beyond the cis-het white male realm often attached to it.

In her words:

We are comics: creators, publishers, retailers, readers; professionals and fans. And we are a lot more diverse than you might think.

We Are Comics is a campaign to show—and celebrate—the faces of our community, our industry, and our culture; to promote the visibility of marginalized members of our population; and to stand in solidarity against harassment and abuse.

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We Are Comics, Too

On Saturday, professional comics editor Rachel Edidin sent out the following tweet in response to a lot of the fanboy gatekeeping — and just general terrible behavior on the part of fanboys — that’s been burning up the geekosphere recently.

In a matter of a few hours, that initial idea morphed into a full blown campaign that quickly gathered steam over the weekend when We Are Comics was launched. And the “somebody” who did it? Edidin herself.

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