Throwback Review: The Angelus Volume 1

[In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week]

I began re-reading Witchblade around the time when Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic took over — as writer and artist, respectively — the series. At this time, Sara was pregnant and a new wielder in one Danielle Baptiste had been introduced.

I won’t lie, I had my concerns. A shakeup like this can easily go either way. If not handled properly, it can easily ruin a franchise. More than that, Sara is a tough act to follow, so “the new girl” would have to be on point. I’m proud to state that the storyline was a success, as is Danielle. While a complete contrast (she’s not the no-nonsense tough as nails New York cop that Sara is and doesn’t try to be), this affable ingenue possesses a champion’s heart and proves herself every bit the badass one would expect from a Witchblade wielder. Suffice it to say I was all too excited to see Danielle in her own spinoff series as the latest host of the Angelus.

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