Be a Part of the 2016 Angry Asian Man Subscriber Drive

Last month, one of our favorite blogs reached another milestone as Angry Asian Man celebrated its 15th anniversary. A decade and a half of being one of the most influential Asian Americans on the internet is no easy feat, so we’re hoping you can head on over to his site and help Phil Yu with his annual donation drive. You’ll get some cool swag out of it too.

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Update Our Hard NOC Life Podcast Feed on iTunes

If you’re already a subscriber to the audio version of Hard N.O.C. Life, first THANK YOU! We know not everyone has the time or bandwidth to watch us on YouTube, so we started a podcast you can find and subscribe to on iTunes. Recently, we switched up our podcast feed to Soundcloud, so if you’ve subscribed to the original podcast, you’ll need to update your feed by going here.

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Get the Hard N.O.C. Life Podcast on iTunes

After a little break, we’re happy to announce that Hard N.O.C. Life is back!

hard noc life black bgFolks have been telling us to make the show available in mp3 form for a while now, so we’re slowly going through the archives and placing the first half of the season on iTunes. You can also find the show on PodOmatic as well. Episode 001 is up now, with the rest of the shows following close behind.

Your best bet, though, is to click on the logo below and subscribe to Hard N.O.C. Life via iTunes.

subscribe-on-itunesDownload it to your phone, hit “play,” and check this.