NOC Review: ‘The Fabelmans’ is Fine

It’s award season, which means every studio is going to tout their maudlin batch of contenders that qualify as “cinema” all over town. Trying to get voters to desperately nominate them for every award, while name-dropping the who’s-who of bait-worthy talent — all while every self-important and self-proclaimed “cinephile” pretends to preach about the difference between true “art” and “garbage” as if they invented the concept of “film” and are the authorities between what “real filmmaking” is and isn’t.

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Everything We Know About Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’

The subtle change in temperature and the color of the leaves means that the seasons are changing — Summer Movie season to Oscar Season, that is! And leading the change among the numerous contenders bound for Oscar gold and glory is the latest from the greatest director of our time, Steven Spielberg: The Fabelmans. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming awards hopeful, hitting theaters November 11.

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