Hard NOC Life 213: One World, One Dovich (with Desmond Chiam)

Dominic, Jamal, Keith, and Britney analyze the penultimate episode of Disney+’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with an actual Flagsmasher! Desmond Chiam, who plays Dovich on the series, sits in with the crew to talk about rebellion, revolution, and representation. He also talks about Cap’s shield, an irrational fear of water, and also nerding out on JRPG video games!

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Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

by Gene Yang | Originally posted on GeneYang.com

There’s a reason why folks call Superman the Man of Tomorrow.

When he was created in the late 1930s, he really did embody that era’s ideas about the future. Back then, progress was seen in largely physical terms: our technology would make us stronger, faster, more invulnerable. And that’s what Superman was: the world’s strongest, fastest, most invulnerable person.

But in the decades since, our imagined future has changed. Nowadays, when we think of tomorrow’s technology, we don’t necessary think about physical power — we think about information. We think about knowledge. Our dreams of the future are as much about bits as they are about atoms. Maybe more.

So how does Superman, a character whose “tomorrow-ness” dates back to the 1930s, deal with the “tomorrow-ness” of today?

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