ST:NOC Revealed – Day One

Lt. Hikaru Sulu (Helm) and Cmdr. Data (Ops/Officer)
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (Helm) and Commander Data (Ops/Science)

To celebrate “Star Trek Week” here on The Nerds of Color, I asked the NOCs to vote for their favourite crew-members; from the results of this survey, we compiled the official Star Trek: Nerds Of Color fantasy crew. Every day, I will reveal two new ST:NOC crew members!

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Helm: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (TOS)
Runner-up: Lt. Tom Paris (Voyager)

Lt. Sulu fencing.
Lt. Sulu fencing.

The original Sulu, the helmsman of the Enterprise 1701 and the Enterprise 1701-A, eked out a narrow victory (by one vote!) over Lieutenant (or Ensign) Tom Paris from Voyager. Sulu is noted for being one of the first Japanese American science fiction characters on television, and the first in Star Trek history. Later Star Trek canon revealed that Sulu would go on to captain the USS Excelsior and eventually become promoted to the rank of admiral. His granddaughter appears in Star Trek: Generations, and has followed the family tradition of joining Starfleet. Sulu was played by George Takei, and is not to be confused with John Cho’s rebooted Sulu from the JJ Abrams’ films (who didn’t make the cut).

Science Officer: Commander Data (TNG)
Runner-up: Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax (DS9)

Data served at the Ops position on the Enterprise 1701-D on The Next Generation, and also served as the ship’s science officer. Data is an android whose quest for humanity has rendered him a constant fan-favourite. Not surprisingly, he received a clear majority of votes for this position among the NOC crew. Data was played by Brent Spiner.

Stay tuned tomorrow for yet more “ST:NOC Revealed!” We will find out who the Nerds tapped for the positions of Communications Officer and Chief Engineer!

Cast your own votes! Here are the polls as they were put to the members of The Nerds of Color:

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