ST:NOC Revealed – Day Four

Commander Spark (First Officer), and Quark and Guinan (Barkeeps)
Commander Spock (First Officer), and Quark and Guinan (Barkeeps)

Welcome to Day 4 of ST:NOC, and it’s an all-alien reveal in the categories of First Officer and Counselor/Chef/Shoulder to Cry On!! Tune in tomorrow for the final day of ST:NOC, when we tell you the winner (by an incredibly razor-thin margin) of our choice for Captain, as well as our vote for best Starship!

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First Officer: Cmdr. Spock (TOS)
Runner-Up: Cmdr William T. Riker (TNG)

This was the first of two votes that actually resulted in a tie with TNG first officer William Riker in our first round of voting; but Spock won a landslide victory in our tie-breaking vote. The half-human, half-Vulcan son of a Vulcan ambassador and his wife, Spock served as first officer and right-hand man on the Enterprise 1701 and 1701-A; he later appeared in several of the feature films. He also has the distinction of being the first (perhaps only?) character from any of Star Trek franchise series to appear — as the same character — in the JJ Abrams’ reboot films. Spock has earned the love of fans for his powerful logic, instantly quotable sayings, and his emotional struggle between his human and Vulcan background. Spock was played by actor Leonard Nimoy.

Counselor / Chef / Shoulder to Cry On: Quark (DS9) and Guinan (TNG)
Runner-up: Counselor Deanna Troi (TNG)

In this category, NOCs were allowed to vote for two choices, since this category was a bit of a catch-all for the emotional/empathic core of the crew. Surprisingly, NOCs overwhelmingly voted in favour of booze over shrinks; so apparently the ST:NOC crew will be supporting two barkeeps. Quark is the conniving Ferengi owner of the most popular bar on DS9 promenade, and is well-known on the station of having a high probability of being involved in any illicit activities. Guinan, on the other hand, is the ever-calm and collected El-Aurian bartender on the Enterprise 1701-D’s Ten-Forward lounge; always willing to listen and offer sage advice to the rest of the TNG crew. Quark was played by actor Armin Shimmerman, while Guinan was played by comedienne and actress Whoopi Goldberg.

One more day left in ST:NOC! Tune in tomorrow for the final reveals!

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