Sexism at New York Comic-Con

So New York Comic-Con was held a couple weekends back, and while head-NOC-in-charge Keith was holding it down at the Epic Proportions/SIUniverse booth, there were some shenanigans going on down on the con floor.

Apparently, a camera crew from a local cable show called “Man Banter” got in to the convention hall on SiriusXM credentials and proceeded to racially and sexually harass any and every woman they could find. From cosplayers to journalists to comics professionals, if you were a woman — and got caught in Man Banter’s crosshairs — you were gonna get harassed. Heidi has a roundup of first person accounts from the con over at The Beat.

Our friends at 18 Million Rising have put together a petition to demand SiriusXM fire Mike Babchik, the producer who used his credentials to get his cable access crew into the show. They’ve met about 75% of the signatures needed to meet their goal of 2,000. Info about the petition — and a link if you want to add your name — is available after the jump.

Tune in, SiriusXM: Fire Babchik NOW!

Last week at New York Comic Con, Mike Babchik and his friends snuck in with SiriusXM credentials (where Babchik is producer and on-air personality on the Mad Dog Sports Radio show) to racially and sexually harass other attendees. Claiming to lead a film crew for a television show, Babchik approached women with “interview” techniques that included making statements like, “I want to buy an umbrella [that comes] with an Asian girl.” And, “… In my experience, girls who stand next to me longer than 20 seconds get a cream pie.” It was shocking, abusive, and disgusting.

It would be bad enough if Babchik was just a regular conference-goer behaving badly, but the fact that he presented himself as a SiriusXM employee is beyond the pale. No company — especially Sirius, which touts lineups of progressive musicians and media icons like Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen — should tolerate this kind of behavior from its staff.

We demand that SiriusXM take immediate action and fire Babchik.

The minute Babchik used his Sirius credentials to allow him to harass people, he acted on behalf of the company. Firing him sends a powerful message that no one can act so horribly and still expect to have a job the next day.

Mike Babchik: bad for business, bad for women

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