New Kid on the Blog

Just a heads up.

When you start seeing posts by some random dude it’s not because the site has been hacked. It’s because the random dude is me.


I’m Tribe One. I’m new here. I feel like I’ll fit in, though. I’m a comics fanatic, a life-long gamer and a lover of pretty much all facets of nerd culture. That and I’ve got STRONG (also correct) opinions about things. For instance, I believe ST:TNG is the pinnacle of SF television and that while Batman is the best superhero, Peter Parker is actually the best comic book character.

You see? I belong here.

Also, I rap. No, it’s ok. Trust me. I’m good at it. Like, really good.

Here, you can check out my homemade music video for proof:

And here’s a not-so-homemade video of the group that I’ve been in since college, The Remnant. I’m the guy in red:

There’s a bunch more videos on YouTube of live shows and more music — free and not-so-free — on my bandcamp page.

I’ve been a full-time rapper for just a few months now. Previously, I was a public librarian in a suburb of Atlanta. I worked at the same branch for eight years. This summer I got the opportunity to go on a two-month, nationwide tour as one of the openers for mc chris of Adult Swim fame. 51 shows in 59 days. As you can probably imagine, the library wasn’t about to give me two months of leave. So I resigned. Now I’m home from tour and have the entirety of every day to question my decision making! I’ve got a couple of really cool and much shorter tours coming up, which I’ll be sure to let you guys know about when the time comes.

Anyways, I’m (mostly) not here to talk about rap. I’m here to talk about comics, video games, anime and whatever else I feel like. Ok, sometimes it will be rap. But mostly It will be the other things.

Many thanks to Keith for inviting me to share my thoughts with you all and thanks to you all for reading. See you around the site and hopefully out on the road soon!

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  1. I was planning to reach out a warm-yet-professional welcome to the team, but then I pressed play and I just vaulted straight into fangirldom. That was AWESOME!!!

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