EXCLUSIVE: Strength in NUMBERS Featuring VERBAL by Jamie Noguchi

The Strength in NUMBERS train keeps rolling as we unveil the latest “variant” album cover to Chops’ massive Asian American hip-hop movement.

For the latest Strength in NUMBERS alternate album cover, Jamie Noguchi (and his ever present System), is back yet again! This time illustrating a trailblazer in the international hip-hop community, from Tokyo, Japan: VERBAL of m-flo! After the jump, download a high-resolution jpeg of the latest Strength in NUMBERS “variant” album cover. Just right-click on the image and save. And since there’s only 24 hours left to go, you HAVE to DONATE NOW to help make this project a reality! We’re so close, but still so far away!

KNOWN FOR: Over 10 years of ever-changing creative AND successful music with m-flo, Teriyaki Boyz, and solo
STRENGTH: Creativity, originality, trailblazing
CHOICE LINE from Strength In NUMBERS: “Check me in my stormtrooper white Ghost, roll the windows down, I see you high post, in ya corner witcha eyes closed cuz my shine too bright though, Scott Summers you don’t want me with my sunnies off”
Strength In NUMBERS info: CHOPSmusic.com/numbers

Check back with The Nerds of Color over the weekend for more Strength in NUMBERS album covers!