Hard NOC Life 227: ‘Snake Eyes’ Speaks (with Henry Golding)

Keith is solo on Hard NOC Life this week as he talks to Snake Eyes star, Henry Golding from an interview recorded in May (for this article). Then, he’s joined by FDI Cast’s Jamie Noguchi and Brandon Chalmers, plus fellow NOC, Will West to share their instant reactions at a private Snake Eyes screening this weekend before Keith offers some extended thoughts on the movie he’s been waiting 40 years for.

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FDI Cast 114: ‘F9’ Spoiler Cast

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for F9: The Fast Saga. Proceed only if you’ve seen it already or don’t care about spoilers. Honestly, we don’t get into too many plot details, but fair warning. Also, Brandon predicted everything anyway so if you’re a fan of our cast, you can pretty much figure out what F9 is about anyway.

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New Toy Collecting Podcast ‘Shelf Conscious’ Coming Soon

As long time readers of the site and listeners of the podcasts might know, action figures is where my true nerd passion lies. And since I originally got my start in the nerd business as a writer for the legendary ToyFare Magazine, I decided to go back to my roots and create a podcast and YouTube series devoted to my love of toy collecting.

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