NOC Recaps The Legend of Korra: Stargazing

Episode Eleven, “The Night of a Thousand Stars”

I am not going to lie. This season of The Legend of Korra has been better than I expected. So the next four episodes are for sure going to make me drop some F-bombs and some holy expletives with tons of exclamation points to fill in my excitement. So you’ve been warned.

“The Night of a Thousand Stars” was a filler episode and a warm-up to what we all have been waiting for, the “Harmonic Convergence” show down.

As we know, Korra barely escaped a battle with Unalaq in the Spirit World, but could not save Jinora. So Tenzin and the crew break the bad news to Pema as they inform her that Jinora’s soul is caught in the Spirit World. Tenzin then promises Pema that he will get her back at any cost. A real touching moment, that sets up Tenzin’s quest.

“Where is Jinora?”

We then cut back to Republic City, where there is a red carpet event for the final film in the Nuk-Tuk series. Bolin, who has been a disappointment these last couple of episodes, makes a visit to his brother in prison Mako. If you recall, Mako was set up (it’s pretty obvious by whom) and was found with explosives and stolen merchandise. As Bolin talks to Mako, he begins to act like the Bolin of old, the one we loved to cheer for. You can tell he feels guilty for letting Hollywood go to his head, and promises Mako that he will get him the best lawyer out there to get him out. But as he is about to leave, Mako warns Bolin, in his best Cypress Hill impression, that if he is right about Varrick tonight will be the night that, “when the $#!+ goes down, you better be ready!” (There you have it, a Korra and Cypress Hill connection).

As parting gift, Bolin gives Mako a signed poster of the Nuk Tuk movie and makes his way to the movie premiere.

Meanwhile in Southern Water Tribe country, Tonraq cannot wait any longer for Korra and decides to lead the rebellion against Unalaq, which brings us one of the most epic water bending fights we have seen this season. Brother vs Brother.

For real though…

“It’s time to take back what is ours!”

We then cut to the premiere of the Nuk Tuk film. Varrick tries to sweet talk president Raiko, by once again talking about the war. President Raiko reiterates, that he will not support the war which foreshadows what happens next. As Bolin watches with Asami the film there is a scene  sequence that were pretty awesome Which brings me to say the following things:

Why does Naga look like a panda?

Pabu is a laser bender? what???

Someone give Pabu an Oscar for his performance, for real!

In the midst of the film, Bolin gets up and Asami follows, he confesses that he misses his friends and says “that team avatar is falling apart,” a well profound statement coming from him. As he walks back to see the rest of the film, he slips on some jelly filled cake, and then discovers that the detectives have been bound and stuffed away in some lockers. The detectives tell him that they are some waterbenders trying to kidnap the president, and Bolin takes action by rescuing the president and defeating the kidnappers.

And for saving the day, he gets some just smoochie oochie.

As everything seems to return to normal, Korra arrives and informs President Reiko that Unalaq’s new plan is to destroy the world. President Reiko, reiterates again that he will not send forces to help, which leads to Bolin saying, “I never should have saved that guy.” Everyone goes to where Mako is being held and as he is released from jail, he is embraced and kissed by Korra which leads to awkward moment #4,080 in the Makorra relationship.

After an affirmation that Team Avatar is back in order. They interrogate Varrick who then offers them to take his battleship Zhu Li (he named the ship after his assistant!) Team Avatar is ready to take on Unalaq.

Meanwhile in Southern Water Tribe country, Tonraq sees an opportunity to end this fight and tries to defeat Unalaq once and for all. Which is one of the most awesome fights we have seen in LOK.

And just like that…. the episode ends.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

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