Kickstart This: The Adventures of the Galactic Wrestling Federation

Love pro wrestling? And robots? In space? Then back this project by the homie Earl Yi and his partners Robert Howard and Max Wolman.

More info after the jump:

The Adventures of the Galactic Wrestling Federation is an ongoing sci-fi wrestling adventure chronicling the journey of a young robotic wrestler named The Red Menace. Our main character is the son of RMD — the greatest GWF champion of all time! We follow Red and his robot dog, Rusty, as they fight their way through a colorful cast of characters including The Loan Shark, Garanadon, Quarmac, and Dr. Chaka!

RMD’s gruesome demise came at the hands of the dastardly Dr. Chaka. During the legendary Klash in the Kosmos Chaka not only tarnished RMD’s legacy, but also orphaned his son, The Red Menace. Red ends up in the care of Mama, a beautiful botanical being who is one of the Federation’s most renowned managers. Together, they navigate their way through a path strewn with danger and double-crosses…all for one shot at Dr. Chaka, the title and redemption.

This project began almost six years ago as a series of sculptures and has progressively grown due to the many strengths of this creative team. Our joy of comics brought this team together and it’s our love of storytelling that will see it through. Fans of science-fiction, wrestling and old school Saturday morning cartoons will all find something to enjoy in our book!

Find out more about The Adventures of the GWF here and back the project here. The guys are less than $2K short of their goal and there’s only a little over two and a half weeks left to support them. There are still a ton of awesome incentives left too. So what are ya waiting for?