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I Kill Giants, Free Music, and the Donation Drive

by Adam WarRock | Originally posted on tumblr

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Kelly yesterday, author of the wonderful Image Comics graphic novel, I Kill Giants. He was an amazingly nice and supportive person, and I had the chance to perform my “I Kill Giants” track for him, which made the house a bit misty eyed. It was a great moment for me, and if you haven’t had the chance to read the book, or hear the song that I made, please take a second to check it out!

My fourth annual Donation Drive starts next June 11. Please help support, and keep the free music flowing! Have you missed a free song I’ve released in 2014? Here’s your chance to catch up!

A Song 4 You
The Stanley Parable
Jesse… Was a Preacher
X&Y (Pokemon) Stenobot Remix w/ Supercommuter
Benny C 
Where the Wild Things Are
Super Art Fight 
Quentin Quire
The Rat Queens 
Secondary Mutation
The Quiet (Sex Criminals)
Spirited Away
That Was Cyclops
Doctor Who Mixtape
All-New Marvel Now Mixtape
MTG Mixtape
Transistor Mixtape 

38 songs in 2014 so far. 550+ free songs on the website. Thank you for the support over this past 4-5 years, and here’s to another great year where the music flows freely.

June 11, be there and support!

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