Adam WarRock is Why I’m a Rapper Right Now

My good friend Adam WarRock (whom I will be performing with at Otakon this year) is coming towards the end of his annual donation drive. A lot of you, I’m sure, have already seen him posting about it and have donated or at least thought about donating already.

I just want to throw in my two cents (not literally, although he did tell me that there were a couple of people who literally donated a penny) as to why I think you should consider it.

Quite simply, Adam WarRock is the reason I’m here. In the summer of 2010 we worked together on his first album, The War For Infinity (which you can get for free on his bandcamp page during the donation drive!) and have been making music and touring together ever since. Before that, though, I was considering giving up on music. I had certainly already given up on music ever being a realistic pursuit.

I’ve been super lucky to be able to watch up close the entirety of WarRock’s career. We played Nerdapalooza together in 2010. I joined him in 2011 on mc chris’ Race Wars Tour. We were in the car together on that tour when Nathan Fillion tweeted about The Browncoats Mixtape, crashing his website for almost the whole day.

We’ve toured and made songs about cat ladies and Hodor.

The point is, seeing him become one of the biggest names and driving forces in our scene is what inspired me to keep doing this. It’s the reason I’m not at my library job right now. Like, right this second. I could be helping some angry old man learn how to print emails from a Nigerian prince; but instead I’m a rapper.

And the donation drive makes it possible. So please think about throwing a couple of bucks his way. Or more if you feel like it. Whatever amount you give, from a penny to Benny (LOL), you’re going to get a bunch of awesome exclusive songs, artwork and extras. He’s given me so much and all I’ve given him are a few (amazing) rap verses and a crippling Magic: The Gathering addiction.

So take a trip over to his site or click below to donate.

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