Did You Follow our Batman 89 Live Tweets?

As you know, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Batman 89, Tim Burton’s gothic interpretation of the Dark Knight Detective, and the reason we’re celebrating Bat Week this whole week. To mark the occassion, last night around 10pm, I pulled out the Batman disc from my Anthology collection and popped it into the old blu-ray player, fired up my phone, and tweeted along with some dedicated NOC followers on twitter.

A good time was had by all, and I’ve shared some choice tweets after the jump. If you want to relive the whole experience, you can find all the tweets on our twitter feed, or if you prefer them curated, head over to Storify.

I couldn’t wait until 10pm to fire up my disc, so I started a little early and went through two of the included Prince music videos: “Partyman” and “Batdance.”

Then the movie started!

One of the things that struck me the most about watching Batman in retrospect is that in 1989, no one batted an eye at casting Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent. In fact, one of the (many) crimes of the Schumacher films is that it robbed the world of seeing a Billy Dee Two-Face.

If something like that were to happen today, can you imagine the outcry by the fanboys? Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine.

Speaking of racism, right before we started our live tweet, news broke about Gary Oldman’s unfortunate racist, misogynist rant.

Still, Pat Hingle is a terrible Commissioner Gordon.

Despite that, re-watching the movie — with other folks on twitter — that meant so much to me as a kid was a lot of fun. Sure, parts of the movie don’t hold up that well 25 years later. For instance…

But it was great to go back in time and be 12 years old again. And really, the live tweet was just an excuse to show off my wonderful toys.

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