NOCs of the Roundtable: Fangirling over Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Now that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 has finally been released in multiplexes the world over, it’s time to finally talk about it! There is so much in the film to digest that we decided to convene the Roundtable once again. And who better to talk about the continuing adventures of Katniss than the two newest Nerds: Connie and Christelle!

So proceed with caution because after the jump, there will be many spoilers and SO MUCH CAPSLOCK!

Mockingjay Part 1

CONNIE: Still get chills from “The Hanging Tree.”

CHRISTELLE: I legit bought this after watching the movie. It is entirely possible that I may walk around today intensely chanting “ARE YOU? ARE YOU?”

CONNIE: I’ve been singing it all morning since I found this YouTube clip! SUCH CHILLS EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

CHRISTELLE: SPOILERS FOR CREEPERS: When Peeta hears her voice and then sees her… and the picture fades between them… I can’t. I feel like crying now.

CONNIE: OMG and his outfits during those scenes. I was literally choking up at that suit with the crooked lapels and the tightness around his throat.

::suffocates just thinking about it::


CONNIE: Hmm, yeah she should have been in at least one. But OH! that scene with Snow’s granddaughter where she undoes/touches her Katniss’ braid after the announcement??? Such a good small moment! The movie is filled with those.

CHRISTELLE: We saw so much of Katniss and the pearl… but for Peeta, everything must remind him of Katniss. Or at least it used to… GAH! HIJACKED! I’m happy they included Finnick’s knots.

CONNIE: He basically has to talk about her all the time, too. Their memories of fighting Snow together while in that mansion, memories of chatting with Caesar before each of the Games are all so tied to her. Part 2 is going to HURT. I was surprised at the cut — not really, it’s the perfect moment but still — just because it means there’s so much awfulness that is ALL in Part 2. It’s been so long since I’ve read the book so I didn’t remember the order of a lot of things, but man they set up a lot of stuff to give us maximum feels and weepage in the next one. I wish it weren’t NEXT YEAR.

CHRISTELLE: And he fades in and out with Cesar having to redirect him. Mockingjay Part 1To remind him of what he SHOULD be saying. I can’t wait to see how they differentiate the memories the Capitol has hijacked (mostly the Games) from the private, personal ones: her braids, her singing voice (which we saw awakened him a little bit), squirrels, sleeping on the train…. ohmygod! IF THERE ARE FLASHBACKS, I WILL COLLAPSE IN THAT THEATER.


CHRISTELLE: Freaking. Wrecked me.

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    1. haha yes, that tied in with the suits are what did it for me. That black suit with the crooked collars still get to me, but it’s definitely in combination with his skinniness and the way the suits are clearly too big and covering up how thin he is, plus the blackness around his eyes. Then in the hospital room before the attack, the way he was so fragile, like sitting on the bed was so difficult and like he could be kinda wobbly, but then he hears her and snaps and just ughh gah!

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