Track Commentary: “The Bottom”

by Adam WarRock | Originally posted on tumblr

All this week, I’ll be doing track-by-track commentary on the new EP. You should go grab the new EP at my bandcamp site, PHYSICAL COPIES OF THE CD WILL ONLY BE FOR SALE ON MY SITE UNTIL END-OF-DAY FRIDAY. If you want a copy of it, get it now, or get it at a show. 

What’s funny is that me and Mikal both flipped this well known Drake hook into basically the same line without ever having really talked about it. So there’s kismet for you.

From a long tradition of stealing from other rappers comes “The Bottom,” a song that’s not really about anything specific, maybe the fact that saying you’re a “nerdcore rapper” is about the opposite of saying you are “ballin’ out of control.” Not much more to it than that. I also think the concept of using a well known, arguably the best known(?) Drake song as another way we like to troll our audience of probable Drake-haters. The truth is, I probably listen to a lot more horrible mainstream radio rap than you think I do.

Do we hate Drake? Do we love Drake? Do we love to hate Drake? Who knows?

Can you really hate a guy who is a billionaire, but still “freestyles” off of his iPhone and sends shirtless sad snapchats to porn stars? I mean, I don’t know. You kinda just feel sorry for him.

Addendum: Me and Mikal have taken on various duo names, because when we’re together we seem to bring out the saltiest versions of each other. People refer to us as Grumpy Old Men, so Mikal one day emails me and is like “We should make an album called Young Jack and Walter.” And thus, much high fiving commenced.

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