USA Network’s Connoisseur Literally #StarringJohnCho

It looks like we will have a show #StarringJohnCho.

Star Trek Beyond’s John Cho recently went viral for the fan-made hashtag and movement #StarringJohnCho, which showcased the lack of Asian American representation in entertainment. It looks like it may have worked.

With the success of Suits and Mr. Robot, USA Network will be adding another hour-long drama called Connoisseur.

According to Variety, the series, created by Gary Lundy, will star Cho as Clay Park, a brilliant con artist who cons wealthy and powerful people into paying millions for fake wine. Unfortunately, he becomes entangled with an organized crime syndicate and the FBI. Throughout the series, he must also deal with the consequences of a past family tragedy in Korea.

Lundy, Hand of God’s Ben Watkins, and Cho will serve as executive producers. This will be Cho’s first time producing.

Cho is currently starring in Star Trek Beyond. His other roles include the Harold and Kumar films, ABC’s Selfie, NBC’s Go On, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, and the American Pie films.

5 thoughts on “USA Network’s Connoisseur Literally #StarringJohnCho

  1. the premise doesnt do it for me, just like the other shows of its ilk BUT i love john and the ties to korea got me hook. will at least give the show a try

  2. I missed John Cho so much after he left Sleep Hollow!

    Yeah, that’s a weak premise. It just doesn’t grab me, Bro. Wine Connoisseur on USA Network? Sorry,

    I wish John all the best, but next time give him a project that he can really succeed with because ain’t nobody gonna succeed on a show like that. Surprised it made it out of pilot season.

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