What Can A Nerd Do (About Trump)?

Okay, we, as nerds of color (TM), especially now that a white supremacist nightmare is about to become our president, need to get our collective shit together. Bigly.

So I’m gonna — periodically — post some links and actions and ideas (under the heading “What Can A Nerd Do?”) about what a nerd can do, politicalwise, to combat the eeebil is is come upon us. And I will edit-to-add any legit links/ideas left in comments about the topic at hand as well, so jump in mah nurds!


Today we’re going to war about two contradictory but equally necessary topics: how to get Trump unelected, and how to keep Trump’s transition from killing everything we love.

    1. Sign the petitions asking the electoral college to rebel and vote against Trump (not the same thing as voting for Hillary.)
    2. Call AND email members of the electoral college in states that went to Trump and urge them to vote against Trump (not the same as voting for Hillary! We need to get him under 270 votes!) Here’s a spreadsheet with all their contact info on it. Don’t just email! Call!
    3. bigstock_angry_woman_in_comic_book_styl_25804979Call the House Oversight Committee 202-225-5074 and urge them to “review Trump’s financial arrangements prior to him taking office.” This is a true Hail Mary that might turn up financial improprieties/crimes. But it’ll literally take you one minute to do. (ETA: Sat, Nov. 19: Apparently this is working! The lines are jammed. Keep calling!)
    4. Use this spreadsheet starting today and continuing indefinitely. It lists issues, scripts, and contact information for your senators and congresspeople. Use it to call them (not email! Calling is much more effective!) this week about newly appointed top Trump aide (and white supremacist) Stephen Bannon and the repeal or hobbling of the ACA (Obamacare), and every week about the issues that matter to you. Make it your new habit! I will!
    5. tumblr_ny7yr2iiu51s8kqx5o2_500DO THIS ONE SOON: Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a phone survey on the ACA (Obamacare). You can call in and take it here: (202) 225-3031 — listen all the way to the end, and then press a number if you support the ACA and another if you do not. It took about 2-3 minutes. Afterwards, you can leave a message for him, that is, if his mailbox isn’t full. I left a message explaining my own situation and how the ACA provided me with insurance for the first time in my adult life. I also pointed out that his plan only sounds good if you don’t understand how insurance works.

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