To Black Parents Visiting Earth: Letter #6 on Time Benders in a New Era

Hello Fam,

This is a guest post from my wife, Janet Christine Mendoza Stickmon. It is a little off from what we usually cover but in these times, it is a very necessary read.

“Time benders absorb the rush and are ever aware of the Theodore Parker-inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’[ii]   We absorb the speed and the volume and slow down time for our students.  We make time expand and contract to fit the shape of and make room for the untold narrative. Time benders spare the student the feeling of overwhelm by carrying the burden for them; this way they are free to immerse themselves in the newness of the experience. Time benders create microcosms of understanding and belonging in the classroom, bearing witness to a clarity, justice, and unity some thought could only be achieved centuries from now. In this environment, students learn from teacher, teacher learns from student, and student learns from student. All learn what this world feels like, sounds like, tastes like… and realize that that world can be created today. With that realization, they hopefully expand this space/circle of understanding far beyond the four walls of their inception, and replicate that feeling of connectedness and belonging over and over again.”

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