Your Move, Marvel

So Misty Copeland and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, two of my favorite superheroes, have spoken out against the Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank for his support of President Donald Trump. The athletic clothing company sponsors both A-list superstars. That’s both awesome and to be expected given that both Copeland and Johnson are the epitome of Black/Asian Excellence.

My question however is this. Marvel CEO Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter gave a $1 million to Trump’s presidential campaign and continues to support his administration. Why aren’t any of the white actors from Marvel Studios stepping up and calling him out like Copeland and Johnson did Plank?

Because the only ones who have stepped up in any responsible way have been Chris Evans in calling out David Duke and other bigots; Chris Hemsworth standing in solidarity with Standing Rock, protesting DAPL; and Clark Gregg on social media.




But far too many seem hellbent on remaining quiet as kept when it comes to the House of Ideas, even in spite of the blatant racism with Hipster Fist and Doctor Strange: Imperial Wizard.

Marvel continues to get a pass for its B.S.

Trump dropped some serious truth during his inauguration speech. Most of his critics will complain and talk a good game but when it comes down to it, they won’t do anything about it.

Translation: You know the type, loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

Say what you will about Trump, I must say I am truly impressed. He’s achieving greatness. In fact he’s doing the one thing that even Clinton and Obama couldn’t do. Getting white folks in formation. Because now that the white supremacy they enabled is coming back to haunt them, change and progress is inevitable, if for no other reason than self(ish) preservation.

Hey Becky, Slay Trick Or You’ll Be Eliminated.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Connor and I are headed to Red Lobster.

2 thoughts on “Your Move, Marvel

  1. I think you call them fauxgressives, those people piss me off more than anything else they´ve always been around I think the most recent example before now is the 1960´s many of the so called flower children were nothing more than overprivileged, white kids who grew up in upper middle class to upper class communities, who found it hip and trendy to fight ´the man´ to act out on their fantasies many times dangerous fantasies. Because once the 60´s were over those same fauxgressives returned to their suburban communities and became the very thing they protested against. Same now with the modern fauxgressives, these are snot nosed kids whose parents make a six figure salary, they won´t really do much beyond a few protests.

    Oh yeah I wouldn´t expect anything less but badassery from Captain America.

  2. Quick question about this post: In the article you link to about Perlmutter’s donation, it says that he donated to the veteran fund (Which I’m not saying I support either, as it’s still run by Trump) and I’m just wondering which one it is. I’m writing my term paper on the lack of diversity in superhero comics and TV, and this would be a good piece of information but I need to make sure I have it right. Thanks!

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