BuzzFeed’s Susan Cheng on the State of AAPI Pop Culture

It’s been nearly a year since we were hit with the double whammy of Tilda Swinton and Scarlett Johannson. Now with Iron Fist and Ghost in the Shell just around the corner, we’re joined by BuzzFeed News’ entertainment reporter Susan Cheng to let us know where Asian Americans currently stand in the greater pop cultural landscape.

Topics covered on the show include:

  • What the box office failure of The Great Wall means for Matt Damon’s career (spoiler: he’ll be fine) and future China-U.S. co-productions
  • Why Hollywood can’t tell the difference between Asian Americans and Asians from Asia
  • How #whitewashedOUT might have been a turning point for Asian American media representation
  • What to expect when Iron Fist debuts on Netflix and Into the Badlands returns on AMC in a couple weeks
  • Hollywood’s habit of erasing ethnicity as a way to upend stereotypes
  • Susan’s recent conversation with Jon Chu and his commitment to casting Asian actors for Crazy Rich Asians
  • Why Constance Wu has been outspoken about these issues

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3 thoughts on “BuzzFeed’s Susan Cheng on the State of AAPI Pop Culture

  1. super excited for crazy rich asians and the future looks a LOT brighter. stay hopeful!

  2. That was a great episode Keith. Thanks for keeping the conversation going. I would like to be hopeful about Asian-American representation going forward, but then I remember who the current White House resident is, and that plenty of our fellow Americans were okay with putting him there.

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