Shawn’s New Site and Podcast

Hello, Family

I know I’ve been posting here infrequently, but I have a very good reason. I’ve been working on my site and my podcast over at When I was growing up, and when I became a father, I searched for things that spoke to my navigating manhood, masculinity, and fatherhood. Nothing commented on my experience. The things I found were too white, too patriarchal, too classist, or just plain crap. I’m creating what I wish I had when I was on my search to make sense of my shifting ideas about masculinity and fatherhood.


It is called “Uncle Shawn” because, frankly, I’m getting older and so many of the younger people in my life have taken to calling me, ‘uncle.’ While they use it as a term of respect; every single time I hear it, I feel grey hairs appearing in places they shouldn’t. I’m working own embracing my age, owning and learning from my mistakes, and sharing stories of how I made it through some wild tough times.

It isn’t about advice.

I’m sharing my stories in hopes that others will find then useful.

I’m in no way leaving NOC. Now that is up and running. I’m in a creative place where I’ll be increasing my contributions to this site.

Please pop on over to read some things, listen to some things, and join the conversation.

Thanks, Family.