Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez on Why We Need ‘Ricanstruction’

On Hard NOC Life, we continue Ricanstruction week on The Nerds of Color as Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez joins the show to talk about the origins of the anthology.

Originally announced in the New York Times, Ricanstruction brings together over 100 artists, writers, and celebrities telling stories of Puerto Rico’s past, present, and future, including crossovers between DC characters and La Borinqueña. In addition to discussing the aftermath of Hurricane Maria — and how a conversation with Dan Didio at New York Comic-Con led to an arrangement to feature DC Comics super heroes in the anthology, they talk about the importance of intersectionality, social justice, and representation. Another Ricanstruction preview can be found in The Village Voice.

Ricanstruction will be available in stores everywhere on May 23. You can pre-order it on Amazon or use the Diamond code JAN189143 when ordering through your local comic shop.

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