Shawn Martinbrough’s TED Talk on Superpowers

Late last year, TEDxMidAtlantic held an event in Washington, D.C. themed around the “unique insights and talents,” both discovered and undiscovered, that are possessed by everyone. Titled “SUPERPOWERS,” the TED event featured politicians, activists, scientists, journalists, and more as speakers during the two-day event. Of course, what would a Superpowers-themed TED Talk be without a contribution from a comic book creator? Fortunately, D.C.-based artist, and Official Friend of the NOC, Shawn Martinbrough was on hand to tell his story of becoming an artist and the importance of media representation through his work. See the talk in its entirety below!

Shawn Martinbrough is the author of How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling, published by Random House and reprinted in several languages. He is a critically acclaimed creator/artist whose DC Comics, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics projects include Batman: Detective Comics, Luke Cage Noir, Captain America, The Black Panther and Hellboy: Secret Nature.

Shawn has co-created characters featured in the blockbuster feature film, Deadpool, the animated Batman: Gotham Knights, the FOX television series Gotham and The Gifted, as well as the feature film Justice League.

Shawn is the artist of Thief of Thieves, published by Skybound/Image Comics. The acclaimed graphic novel crime series is written by Robert Kirkman, creator of the AMC television series, The Walking Dead and award winning author Andy Diggle.