‘Occupy Me’ Premieres Next Week, Exclusively on Earth!

Here’s the new story trailer for Occupy Me, the first fictional narrative audio drama from The Nerds of Color’s family of podcasts. Episode 1 will premiere on October 14. (Give or take a day to accommodate another highly-anticipated science-fiction adventure thing which MIGHT drop a new trailer next week.)

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Occupy Me is a science-fiction thriller/comedy about an alien invasion, psychic bodysnatching, and a version of a bizarre love triangle. The cast features Erin Quill, Britney Monae, Marc Abrigo, Jessika Rodrigues, Michael Ouyang, and Andrea Guidry. Music by Timo Chen. Sound design by Andres Coca. Written and directed by Dominic Mah. 

What are we going for with this episodic story? Well, it endeavors to be a tale of First Contact with commentary on our turbulent times, somewhat in the style of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (a.k.a. the best serialized sci-fi ever to originate from this rock we call an Earth).

It’s also a little bit Cyrano de Bergerac, which you non-theater-nerds may know better from the excellent Steve Martin rom-com/revisioning Roxanne (1987).

But, y’know, with a main cast of actors who are all People/Nerds of Color! Anyways, knowledge of these pop-culture references is not obligatory; the point is you can listen and assess for yourself in approximately 7 Earth Solar Days! And why not subscribe now so as to receive a convenient reminder, in case something else cataclysmic happens during the next week.

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