Talking with the Cast of ‘Timmy Failure’

This week, the world will meet Timmy Failure. The Disney+ Original movie, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made directed by Academy Award-Winning director, Tom McCarthy, will debut on Friday, February 7, on the streaming platform, but it’s already making waves with a whopping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a well received premiere at Sundance earlier this year. And last week, The Nerds of Color was lucky enough to meet with the film’s stars, Winslow Fegley (Timmy Failure) and Chloe Coleman (Molly Moskins) to discuss the film, as well as the future of movies and TV.

NOC: Thank you for having us today! You guys are incredibly impressive to watch as actors. And it’s been an amazing year for you guys. Winslow, this is your first major movie-starring role. Chole, you’ve got this and My Spy coming out too. The movie went to Sundance, and you had the Hollywood premiere yesterday! What has super stardom been like for you guys?

Coleman: When we did Timmy, it was the first movie that I’ve gotten to do. And being a Disney movie I was so grateful and honored. Then after that, I did My Spy and Avatar 2, and I just got excited. This is what I wanted to do. It’s not a hard thing to handle. It’s fun! That’s what you want to do when you’re acting otherwise… I’m so happy that Timmy came out. The book is amazing and so is the film. And I really do want to film more of these movies.

Fegley: It was my first film too… I was really so excited when I found out I got the part. And when I found out who the cast was, I was just like ‘Wow!’ Wallace Shawn, Craig Robinson, Tom McCarthy, the director, Stephan Pastis, who wrote the books, co-wrote the screenplay. They just did a really good job.

Were you guys ready for the amount of fame and press and celebrity that was going to come with all this?

Fegley: I mean, I guess? But not really

Coleman: I mean I’ve always been pretty humble about what I get to do and how it all goes down. It’s not something you want to strut around…I’m very humbled by this and grateful because not a lot of people get to to this. It was a bit unexpected at first, but you need to understand that it’s at some point going to happen.

Of course. So I see you guys and think you’re the future of movies! I look at you guys and we’re going to watch you grow on screen and affect the industry as you continue to grow and become bigger superstars. How would you love to see your careers evolve? And what sort of impact are you looking to make on the industry in the future?


Coleman: I would really like and hope to be a writer or director in the future. There’s already people out there who are not even 13 who have written and directed their own movies. I don’t much worry about my age as long as I’m able to do that… Wherever the career goes, I want to make sure I’m enjoying it, and pursue other dreams I have, apart from the film business, such as animation or dancing. However it goes, I really want to be happy with it.

Fegley: I’ve always really wanted to do art as well. I just hope kids aren’t estimated and can still do things and make an impact.

Coleman: And what we need is an impact right now. Especially with everything that’s happening, from global warming, the Australian fires… people need to stand up and listen [to our generation].

What was it like working with Tom as a writer and director?

Fegley: Amazing! He did such a good job writing and directing the film. And he was just such a good director because he was very clear about what he wanted from me and the other cast. I always knew what he wanted me to do, and it was just an honor to work with someone like that.

Coleman: He’s a very specific director, and so talented. He’s a master who has been doing this for years. And when you see the movie put together, you realize how great a director he is. Timmy Failure is not like every other Disney movie you expect to see. When you have a director like that… you get a good movie. You get something unique. And that’s what this movie is about–being unique.


Were you both fans of the books before the movie came out?

Coleman: I was!

Fegley: I wasn’t familiar with the books until I got an audition. But around the first or second audition, my dad and I started reading them. And I fell in love with the story, and I did work very hard on it with my dad and my mom…And finally when I got the part I was so so happy and excited.

So my next question is, now that you’ve done Timmy Failure, if you could pick a dream project to star in next, Star Wars, Marvel or DC, or anything like that, what would it be?

Fegley: Well, the show is kind of already finished, but it would be a really awesome role to play Michael Scott’s son on The Office [or a reboot]. Or even as a guest star, that would be really cool!

Coleman: Bringing back some of the old shows would be great. I’d love to be in a remake of Sound of Music or at least get to work with Julie Andrews! That would be amazing and incredible! She’s one of the main reasons I’ve wanted to act! I’ve seen Sound of Music over a hundred times. To be able to work with her…or even a Marvel movie–the stuff you get to do on those things–

Fegley: That would be so fun!

Coleman: It would! Fantasy has been a main thing in my mind [for a while]. Taking a story, and making superheroes, and making them come to life is cool! I mean,  you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame! It was amazing!

It was! And I would love to see you act with Julie someday! My last question, and it’s a big one–What was Total, the giant polar bear, like to work with? Was he difficult? 

Fegley: He was very hard to work with, he was a very difficult person! He had to have the trash full of pizza and ice cream!

Coleman: He got to have a CGI trailer. So unfair!

Fegley: Oh my gosh, it was huge! It was full of seals! And it could only have Arctic Seals, otherwise he’d refuse to work!

Coleman: It was expensive!

Fegley: Disney lost a lot of money because of that bear! He’s such a diva!…He didn’t even bother coming to this [interview]!

Best answer I’ve heard in a long time. We do need more representation for polar bears!

Fegley: Not for Total!

Overall, the two actors were hilarious and adorable! As is this movie! I can’t recommend it enough, even if just to see the performances of these incredibly gifted up-and-comers! We’ll be seeing a lot of Winslow and Chloe soon!

However, you can see them for yourselves as soon as Friday, February 7, when Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made hits Disney+!