NOC Exclusive Interview: Rapper, Son of Paper

Heyyyy! It’s Kuya P AKA Patrick Michael Strange and I recently had the pleasure to sit down and talk via Skype with up & coming Rapper, Son of Paper! Check it out!

Kyle Jae Shin, AKA Son of Paper, is a rapper, singer and song-writer from San Francisco. His smooth and melodic delivery on diverse production touches upon 2000’s R&B, golden era and Korean Hip-Hop. He first emerged with singles “Stargaze” and “Buffet Boys” feat. Jason Chu off his debut album, Paper Mache. From open mic performances at Wesleyan University to hometown shows to East Coast college circuit tours, Son of Paper is quickly developing into the next Asian-American artist to watch.

Through music, art and film, Son of Paper is expanding the Asian-American narrative for all audiences. Since his self-titled EP release in 2016, SOP’s songs and music videos have been streamed over 30,000 times and performed at approximately 50 shows across the country. In 2019, SOP performed at Trinity College, Noisebridge SF, and Yale University and featured on five podcasts. SOP guest lectured at the University of San Francisco to discuss his work and the phenomena of Asians in Hip-Hop.

Son of Paper chose his artist name thoughtfully. Son of Paper is a great grandson of a Paper Daughter, a term that describes the phenomena of ethnic Chinese that illegally immigrated to the U.S. during Chinese Exclusion (1882-1965). The one loophole to get around Chinese Exclusion and racial quotas was to purchase birth certificates of a U.S. citizen and claim the familial right to immigrate. Son of Paper chose this name to honor his maternal side’s painful and remarkable journey into the States.

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