ShoPowSho Episode 007: Actor, Xavier de Guzman

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Episode 7: We welcome Actor, Xavier de Guzman from CW’s The 100, Take Two, Operation Christmas Drop and more! Get to know this former Muay Thai Champion and Actor whom our own Kuya P envisions as ‘Lapu Lapu’ in his cinematic version of the ‘Battle of Mactan’!

ShoPowSho explores Filipino and Filipino American history and culture; along with spotlighting and featuring Filipinos throughout various fields of industry to help showcase the amazing contributions they have provided to our world. Please join me, Kuya P, and my wonderful co-hosts, or as I like to affectionately call them, “The Amazing Ates” Kataphorric and Viva Valentina!



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BIO: Born and raised in Toronto, ONT by first-generation Filipino immigrant parents, Xavi de Guzman had a knack for sports which fueled an athleticism that led him to a professional career in Thai boxing. Fighting out of Southside Muay Thai in Toronto, he went on to secure, and then defend his 2008 lightweight championship title in Canada. This level of acclaim led him to his first on-camera role, without any acting experience, on ABC’s “Rookie Blue” as a boxer.

Once on set, Xavi fell in love with the craft of acting and decided to turn his attention to working full-time as an actor. Since then he has honed his craft by putting the same passion behind it as he did in boxing and has steadily booked roles in numerous film and television projects. Most recently, Xavi can be seen in the final season of The CW’s ‘The 100’ and in ABC’s ‘Take Two’, which was picked up to air in the UK beginning in October of 2020.

When Xavi isn’t working he is advocating for mental health, speaking on the topic at numerous events including Canfitpro, and running The Play On Foundation, which he began in 2013, creating awareness for the field of brain aneurysms. He also enjoys traveling (he has visited forty one countries and counting), reading, cooking, watching indie films, and theater. He currently resides in Vancouver,B.C.

In 2013, Xavi lost a close friend, Nathan Noel, to a brain aneurysm, a condition that he naively believed only happened as we get older. Since then, Xavi has spoken with medical professionals over the years and was shocked to learn that aneurysms, strokes, and other neurological conditions are increasing in youth and young adults as the years progress. With the medical advancements that have been achieved in the last century, Xavi set a goal to create awareness in the field of brain aneurysms and raise funds to go specifically to the field of neurology. Through his founding of the Play On Foundation, he hopes we can find a way to prevent neurological conditions from affecting more lives. The Play On Foundation has partnered with the neurological department of Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital, with all proceeds going to the hospitals efforts. The foundation continues to seek out additional research partners and sponsors.

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