ShoPowSho Episode 039: Comics Creator/Writer, Budjette Tan

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Episode 039: We welcome Comics Creator/Writer, Budjette Tan of Trese! Find out how being possessed, exorcised, animated cartoons, big robots, photo-copied comics and the support of an amazing artist friend in Kajo Baldisimo, helped pave the way to an animated series at Netflix for Budjette Tan!

ShoPowSho explores FilipinX history and culture along with spotlighting and featuring FilipinX throughout various fields of industry to showcase the amazing contributions FilipinX have provided to our world! Please join me, Kuya P, and my wonderful co-hosts, or as I like to affectionately call them, “The Amazing Ates”: Kataphorric and Viva Valentina!



BIO: He supposedly grew up in a haunted house and was told to sleep early because there were aswang outside their bedroom window. Who would’ve known that these stories would later influence and inspire him to write the comic book TRESE, co-created with artist Kajo Baldisimo.

Their comic book is a three time winner of Best Graphic Literature of the Year in the Philippine National Book Awards. (2009, 2011, 2012).

He is also the writer and co-creator of “THE DARK COLONY Book 1: Mikey Recio and the Secret of the Demon Dungeon”, which also won the same award in 2013.

Budjette was a co-editor for Alamat Comics, The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo: Creatures and Beasts of Philippine Folklore, The Black Bestiary: An Alejandro Pardo Compendium, and the upcoming SOUND: A Comic Book Anthology, which features stories from Southeast-Asia (co-edited with Charis Locke, published by Difference Engine).

He now lives in Denmark with his wife and son; where he works as one of the Creative Lead in the LEGO Agency.

By the way, his name is pronounced “budget”, but please don’t ask him any questions about finance.


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