Noveen Crumbie and Adriana Colón on Arkane Studios’ New Game ‘Redfall’

With the reveal of incredible new indie titles, new and upcoming downloadable content, and major blockbuster games dropping on Game Pass the day of their release, this summer’s E3 gave gamers a lot to appreciate following a year and a half of some of the industry’s most challenging times. For me and thousands of other gamer nerds, the standout for the summer was the reveal of Arkane Studios’ new open-world co-op FPS Redfall.

The stylish new cooperative shooter will have players fighting off a legion of vampires descending on Redfall, Massachusetts, led by a team of some of the most diverse, distinct, and damn good-looking badasses we’ve seen in games.

(l-r) Remi de la Rosa (Adriana Colón), Devinder Crousely (Kamal Khan), Layla Ellison (Noveen Crumbie), and Jacob Boyer (Yuri Lowenthal)

Devinder Crousely (voiced by Kamal Khan), Layla Ellison (Noveen Crumbie), Jacob Boyer (Yuri Lowenthal), and Remi de la Rosa (Adriana Colón) round out the ragtag team of sharpshooters, combatants, engineers and metahumans that quickly sent social media into a frenzy. The level of diversity on display in the game’s gorgeous reveal trailer made Redfall one of E3’s most hotly anticipated titles, with gamers worldwide losing their collective minds over Layla and Remi’s sleek character designs and ass-kicking abilities. I had the immense privilege of sitting down with Noveen Crumbie and Adriana Colón to talk about their experiences on Redfall, the bond built with their castmates, and of course the overwhelming love they were getting online and elsewhere for their amazing characters.

A little about Noveen, she quickly gained success in Hollywood, performing in theatre and acting in TV and short films. She most prominently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show several times and soon began voiceover work, becoming the official global voice of E! Network. Noveen has voiced projects from video games, award shows, and animation, to commercials, podcasts, and TV shows. Due to Covid, she will always cherish and miss performing in parades at the happiest place on Earth, the Disneyland Resort.

As for Adriana, she comes from a street theater background, and videogame character work is what she enjoys most. She’s trained for performance capture with The Mocap Vaults in Los Angeles and loves engaging with the emotional range and sense memory it requires. Having graduated from Upright Citizens Brigade’s Improv Core program, Adriana feels it allowed her to be flexible and take direction. Her most significant concern is giving a voice to the contemporary American Latinx experience, and she describes her sound as fresh, engaging, and current.

Redfall is set to release 2022 across multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S.