Brazil Games Showing up in Style to This Year’s Game Developers Conference with 22 Studios

This year’s Game Developers Conference is rounding the corner fairly quickly and with that reality, Brazil Games, the Brazilian Games Export Program, which is carried out by Abragames (Brazilian Games Companies Association) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Apex-Brasil, recently revealed the 22 studios that will showcase at this year’s GDC. Flux Games, Kokku, Manifesto, Double Dash Studios, and many more will be present at the event and Brazil Games wants you to know that they came to play.

The Brazil Games’ stable is prepared to showcase the amazing and incredible work coming out of their PC, mobile games, puzzlers, roguelikes, and single-player game development teams to put a spotlight on the burgeoning gaming scene coming out of Brazil. Per this week’s press release:

“The 22 studios set to appear at GDC 2021 represent nearly every corner of the video game spectrum, whether that be creating traditional survival horror games like Kriophobia from Fira Soft, breaking new ground with co-op VR games like Laser Storm from Venturion, or licensed games based on smash-hit IPs like Flux Games’ Cobra Kai — The Karate Kid Saga Continues. From in-house creation to external development, design, consulting, and more across every platform from PC to VR and mobile, these studios really showcase not just the incredible variety to be found in Brazil’s game industry, but also the talent, dedication, and creativity in one of the world’s fastest growing development scenes.”

A full list of all the studios attending GDC 2021 under the Brazil Games’ banner can be found below: