Veronica Falcón on Playing Trader Sam in ‘Jungle Cruise’

The surprising reveal of a Disney Parks icon in the Jungle Cruise film paves a lot of potential for fan-favorite character Trader Sam. Mexican actress Veronica Falcón (Queen of the South, Ozark) plays the re-imagined character known for their history on the attraction and popular themed bars on both coasts. However, in Jungle Cruise, she is introduced as a long-time friend of Dwyane Johnson’s Frank, whose relationship with Sam and her people goes way back.

Fans are excited to see new perspectives and expanded stories and with Falcón’s scene-stealing moments in the film, perhaps more of the character’s story. Maybe in the Society of Adventurers and Explorers series coming up on Disney+.

The Nerds of Color was fortunate enough to get to have a spoilerific conversation with Falcón about the film, creating Trader Sam, and her history with the world of Disney.

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