DevTalks: Olivia Dunlap of ‘To The Rescue!’ — a Sweet and Charming Dog Shelter Simulator

This past summer, video game showcases and conferences revealed some of the most unique indie titles to hit consoles, and To The Rescue! had fans and gamers talking the moment it was revealed. Little Rock Games is the modest studio behind the thoughtful dog shelter simulator that tasks players with nearly all the responsibilities of running a shelter, while providing charming visuals and immersive mechanics throughout.

To The Rescue! isn’t just a cute game where you can take care of (and of course pet) loads of sweet dogs, but it’s also a project that aims to support pet shelters. According to Little Rock Games, 20% of the profit from all sales of To The Rescue! will go towards real dog shelters, and that kind of commitment highlights the landscape indie games navigate when creating passion projects like this one.

To The Rescue! on Steam

The Nerds of Color got to catch up with Little Rock Games programmer, writer, and designer, Olivia Dunlap, about the mechanics of To The Rescue! Dunlap also discussed the many challenges that came with exploring a pet shelter simulator with all of its real world implications, like euthanasia–a feature the team grappled with whether or not to include. You can find our full conversation (and a play through of the demo) below and be sure to wishlist To The Rescue! on Steam ahead of its projected Fall 2021 release date!