Nicole Elizabeth Berger Discusses Her New Film, ‘Runt’

Nicole Elizabeth Berger portrays Cecily in Runt. The film opened in theaters on October 1 and will begin streaming on October 19. Runt also stars the late Cameron Boyce and tells the story of a teenage boy who, after a troubling incident transpires, proves to be a young man with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Courtesy of Doug Shineman

Berger is best known for her roles in All At Once, Prescient, Goldberg, P.I., and The Longest Week. She can be seen starring in the fantasy-reality film, The Place of No Words. The actress was also in the comedic crime drama, Clover, playing the movie namesake. Most recently, she starred as Ali in the short-film, Ali’s Realm.

Courtesy of Doug Shineman

I asked the actress about what attracted her to the project, her favorite memory from filming, what she hopes audiences learn from Runt, her character, dream roles, and so much more!

Watch my interview below to hear everything she told me: