‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ to Introduce New Features in Final Free Update

Remember Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that one cozy game that blew up in popularity during the pandemic? Well, it’s set to release one last free update with tons of newer and cuter features for islanders to play around with. After months of mini and seasonal updates that added different content to ACNH, players will finally get their hands on new items, meet new villagers, and explore new activities on their island.

The free update, dropping November 5 on the Nintendo Switch, will also be paired with a brand-new, paid DLC titled Happy Home Paradise. The DLC comes in at a one-time purchase of $24.99 but also comes with Nintendo’s new Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, the new Switch Online membership option that “includes the base Nintendo Switch Online membership, plus additional benefits like access to Nintendo 64 games and SEGA Genesis games.”

Credit: Nintendo

According to the free update announcement, it will include “new facilities, characters and support from Resident Services, as well as new gameplay mechanics.” The different content coming with the update includes the following:

  • The quiet proprietor Brewster will be opening a new café called the Roost after players fulfill certain “favors” for the museum director, Blathers.
  • The seafarer, Kapp’n, who’s found hanging out by the pier, will take villagers out to a new remote island that features new flora and a new environment.
  • Players will also be able to find gyroids, the same way they have found fossils. Each gyroid plays a unique sound and is customizable.
  • With the renewal of Harv’s Island, players will be able to shop at its Open Market. Visitors like Redds, Saharah, and Kicks will have their shops open for business on the island as well.
  • Cooking will be added to DIY recipes!
  • Nook, Inc. will be adding continued support to players’ island life, like bigger home storage and group stretching in the plaza.
Credit: Nintendo

Along with the free update, the paid DLC dropping in November will include a heap of new upgrades and content features. Players will be able to join the Paradise Planning Team to cover different dream vacation requests, as well as design the homes of new visitors coming to the island. The Happy Home Paradise DLC will also feature brand new Animal Crossing series amiibo accessories. All of these features and more will be making their way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch November 5.

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