‘Dickinson’ Final Season: Hailee Steinfeld Drops a New Verse

Because I cannot wait for Kate
Apple kindly drops Dickinson Season 3 —
The final part of Emily Dickinson/Hailee Steinfeld’s quest for Self —
And Immortality.

A period piece — but with songs and slang
And stuff of modern day
A queer relationship with her best friend Sue,
And the Civil War, imminently —

One part Sitcom, one part Literary trove
She meets Alcott — she meets Poe —
She meets Death, played by Wiz Khalifa —
She’ll meet Plath, played by Chloe Fineman —

Or rather — They meet her —
The “Original sad girl” learning her Skill —
From Ayo Edebiri’s views on art —
And showrunner Alena Smith — her Will —

They “binge” Bleak House, pre-TV
(That’s my Favorite Part)
Her first published poem turns her Invisible —
(No, that’s my Favorite Part)

Steinfeld — since Bumblebee — and True Grit
Grows greater by the Day
An actor of deathless Truth and Wit
And also, Jane Krakowski —

Loosely after “Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson. The first three episodes of Dickinson Season 3 are now available on Apple TV+, to be followed by weekly new episodes through the end of the year.

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