Matthew Vaughn and the Cast of ‘The King’s Man’ Discuss the Latest Entry in the Franchise

Tomorrow’s the day! It’s time for audiences everywhere to head back to the world of Kingsman, when the latest installment in the franchise, The King’s Man hits theaters just in time for Christmas! Yesterday, we were able to share with you all the fun happenings at the film’s press conference. And today, we would love to share with you all our 1:1 interviews with the cast and director Matthew Vaughn!

We were so fortunate and humbled to be able to have the time to discuss the film with Vaughn, and the full lineup of some of the best actors working today: Gemma Arterton (playing Polly), Djimon Hounsou (playing Shola), and Rhys Ifans (playing Rasputin)! Come and see what they all had to say about the film and more right here:

All in all, it was such a fantastic experience getting to speak with a director and cast as amazing as this crew, and being able to learn more and express my fandom for this epic franchise!

Let’s hope the next time we get to do this with them, it will be for that Godfather Part II inspired crossover Vaughn alluded to, that will bring the worlds of Oxford’s crew together with Harry and Eggsy!

The King’s Man arrives in theaters tomorrow, December 22!